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Putney Plumber - Why we like them
when we had an emergency?

We are reviewing the plumbing company Plumber Putney – part of Pro Emergency Plumber Near Me for their quality service. We used Putney Plumber a few days back when we had dripping water from our office ceiling. Like anyone else we called few Plumbing Company around the Putney area and found a plumber who promised to attend the premises within 30 mins.

Waiting 30 mins felt like 30 hrs but guess what no one turned up. Waited another 15 mins but no show and finally managed to get through the plumber after calling five times. The plumber said he was not able to attend since he was still engaged with his other job.

What a waste of time. Also, the plumber was not apologetic at all. Anyway long story short, we were not in the position to argue, but we needed someone to attend ASAP.

We found another company Pro Emergency Plumber Near Me. Sam from the plumbing company promised us someone would attend within 30 mins. Oh! No, not again. Another 30 mins.

We were surprised the plumber was outside the door within 20 mins. We were glad we choose Pro Emergency Plumber Near Me because they came before the time they promised.

Now next thing was will they finish the job on time and most importantly the charges. To be honest, this was our first experience calling the Emergency Plumber, and there is a rumour they are extortionately expensive. The plumber was pleasant and explained to us the whole process. He had first to stop the leakage and then find the route cause. Within 20-25 minutes, he managed to prevent the leakage. Thanks, Lord.

By the time we waited for the first plumber water had spilt down to our bedroom (we have a home office). We did manage to dry the place, but the amount of water coming from the pipe was so bad 3 of us was unable to control it.

Now, the second stage was to find the root cause of the leakage. Leakage was from two different places, one from the joint and other from the broken pipe. We were given choose to get a temporary fix or change the pipe and joint for the permanent fix. We went with the second option since we do not want the leakage to happen again.

It was nearly 7 PM now, and the plumber had been since 2 hours now. Finally, we’re given the good news that everything has been sorted now. We did a quick check and job was immaculate. Now it is the time for the paying. We thought since it has been 2 hours and lots of jobs, but we were surprised it was nearly 40% cheaper than we thought. We had done a quick search to check the rough price.

In a nutshell, Pro Plumber Putney was affordable, punctual and the plumber was very polite and left the place clean. We would recommend this company from the bottom of our heart. There are not many companies who value the customer and provide such an excellent service.

Call them on 020 8088 3060


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